Everyone has important life events that require financial
planning such as education, retirement, accumulation goals
or estate planning.

Marquise takes each client's needs and provides accurate, professional recommendations to help the clients achieve their goals.

Successful wealth management begins with the understanding of our client's needs and goals.

About Us

The word “Marquise” has two unique definitions; first as a gem or a ring setting distinctly known for its’ elliptical shape and alternatively other forms as “March” and “Mar~chio~ness” (Medieval, Latin) which recognizes nobility as well as quality.

With these concepts in mind, Marquise Wealth Management focuses on its’ second reference as possessing outstanding qualities. Marquise is dedicated to preparing clients for the most important events in their lives such as retirement, education, estate transfers, and other major financial goals by offering quality and strategic investment management, financial planning and consulting. The classic image of this firm is not only visible through the diligence of client service excellence, but also through the look and feel of a professional environment. Marquise Wealth Management is dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients and to be recognized as the leading Wealth Management firm.

Marquise is of fine quality by definition, so is our wealth management methods. This begins with the collaboration between the individual and our wealth team, to establish goals while providing professional management services.

Our clients want to work with someone who takes their individual circumstances into account when giving them advice. We are a small firm using a team approach to get to know each client personally. If you require a personalized touch we would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your investment efforts.

Our Mission

The mission of Marquise is be a unique wealth management group that focuses on the client relationship in order to build a strategic financial portfolio while providing sound financial advice at the highest level of professionalism.

Marquise brings confidence and reassurance to our clients as we work with them to develop, manage and protect their life’s objectives through unbiased cross-disciplinary advice, thorough and precise implementation and high quality personal service.